Three arrested as Disney smashes popular Club Penguin Knockoff

Three arrested as Disney smashes popular Club Penguin Knockoff

Club Penguin Rewrite is a recreation of the original Club Penguin game.

Club Penguin Rewrite was designed to be a completely authentic recreation of the original game.
Screenshot: Club Penguin rewritten

Club Penguin fans were thrilled when Disney’s closed game was resurrected as Club Penguin Rewrite, a fan-made recreation of the popular original. This week, however, their digital dreams were shattered again when three people were allegedly arrested in connection with the site’s shutdown for allegedly distributing copyrighted material.

Club Penguin Rewrite launched in 2017, the same year its ancestor closed down. The copier was developed to mimic the original game as much as possible while adding new content so players can continue to explore an enchanting world of anthropomorphic penguins. But active Club Penguin Rewrite players were greeted with a black-and-white message from the City of London Police on the game’s homepage earlier this week: “This site has been taken over by Operation Creative, Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU). ”

Detective Constable Daryl Fryatt of London Police’s Intellectual Property Crimes Unit said in a statement given to a from the blog, “Three people were arrested on April 12 on suspicion of distributing copyright infringing material and searches were carried out. They were released under investigation and to assist in the police investigationthey agreed to turn the website over to PIPCU’s control.

The stoppage was a surprise. Disney, the company behind the original Club Penguin, and no stranger to closure of other Club Penguin counterfeits— is also involved in the investigation, according to the creator of Club Penguin Rewritten. The Club Penguin Rewrite team voluntarily handed over control of the website to the police earlier this week. City of London Police and Disney have yet to return a request for comment.

Admin Thorn, who runs the imitation game, wrote on his official Discord channel: “CPRewritten is shutting down immediately due to a full request from Disney. We have voluntarily given control of the website to the police to continue their copyright investigation.

After the release of Club Penguin Rewrite in 2017, it has seen steady development and growth from users wanting to relive their childhood memories by playing the original game, which was officially closed the same year. However, it seems that growth has a price.

“Of course, running a game like this costs money,” game moderator BigChun told Gizmodo. “As a result, advertisements were placed on certain parts of the game. We, or at least I, assume that’s how Disney got us.

Since Club Penguin Rewrite is based on Disney intellectual property, the placement of advertisements to increase game revenue likely violated Club Penguin’s original copyright. But according to BigChun, the ads weren’t placed on Club Penguin Rewrite until the summer of 2020, meaning this investigation and subsequent shutdown didn’t happen for nearly two years.

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