San Francisco Giants first baseman coach Antoan Richardson and San Diego Padres third baseman coach Mike Shildt clear the air after the showdown

SAN FRANCISCO – San Francisco Giants first baseman coach Antoan Richardson and San Diego Padres third baseman coach Mike Shildt hugged on the field before their game on Wednesday, a day after Richardson was ejected at the following an incident he said included Shildt making comments that had “racist overtones.”

Richardson said Shildt used an expletive and told Giants manager Gabe Kapler to check on Richardson on Tuesday night. At the time, Richardson said he interpreted Shildt’s comment “as if I should be controlled or good or enslaved”.

On Wednesday, the pair chatted on the court and shook hands before speaking to the media regarding the trade. They kissed after talking to reporters.

“I don’t believe he’s racist,” said Richardson, who is black. “I think, however, for the important point, that he recognizes that some of his words, our words, are powerful and have an impact. And we just want to raise awareness of a situation that I think is important for our community. “

Shildt, who is white, acknowledged he used inappropriate language and said he appreciated Richardson saying he was not racist.

“I’m grateful to Antoan for clearing that up,” Shildt said. “Clearly misinterpreted, and I think he knows it, my value as a human is to love people. That’s exactly what I stand for. So I appreciate him clarifying that for me and my family.

“I don’t know Antoan’s legacy. I can’t walk in his place. I can only have empathy and love, which I have, and have always had in my life. my life,” he said.

Richardson told reporters Tuesday night his ejection stemmed from an incident that began when Shildt approached the San Francisco dugout.

Richardson said he asked Shildt what he needed. The Giants coach said Shildt used an expletive and told Kapler to “check” Richardson. “At that point I walked up to the top step and said, ‘Excuse me,’ because I couldn’t believe what I heard” and was kicked out, Richardson said after Tuesday’s game.

Shildt said Wednesday that Padres players and coaches were upset when the Giants’ Steven Duggar stole second base in the second inning with San Francisco leading 10-1. When Shildt went to coach third base in the top of the third, he and Richardson exchanged words.

“There are strong emotions. We looked at each other and then I looked in the dugout to find a few guys who, they really don’t need to be named, but guys I’ve had relationships with since they were younger or I managed before,” Shildt said.

“I was looking for support to try to defuse the situation. I couldn’t find them, then we exchanged words. I’m not going to say who started it. We’re past that stage. … And I could have handle it differently with my verbiage,” he said.

Shildt said he thought something positive would come out of the controversy.

“The reality is that we’ve gone through this difficult solution publicly as men, with a solution in our hearts without any animosity. And I think that’s a great example of how people can connect with each other, no matter what. be their origins, their colors or their situation,” he said.

After Richardson was ejected, Giants assistant coach Alyssa Nakken took her place at first base. Nakken made history as the first woman to coach on the field in a Major League Baseball regular season game.

The Giants won 13-2.

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