Evil Dead: The Game – Meet the Survivors

In Evil Dead, playing as a survivor means you’re going to face a ton of Deadites, regardless of your favorite specializations or weapons. While survivors are placed in base buckets that dictate which areas they’re better at, you’re inevitably going to do a lot of shooting, stabbing, and beheading as you progress through a level. So don’t think that playing support you’re going to be sitting in the back casting heals and watching fear meters – every class is going to be in the thick of it. That said, a variety of archetypes are available for you to dive into, each with specific characters that have their own skills and abilities.

These characters can be advanced and upgraded at the account level, which means you can expect to build a more powerful roster over time. It should be noted that each class has an Ash Williams that can be played at different stages of his war against the Deadites. While there is no limit to how many of each class can be in a party, each individual character can only be in a party once, meaning you cannot create a party of 4 Cheryl Williams and her special healing skill. Let’s take a look at what these archetypes bring to the table.


Leaders are all about auras and play close to your friends. While it might seem like a no-brainer for survival, some of the more advanced strategies involve dividing survivors in order to complete objectives extremely quickly before the demon can grow into places of power or lockdown. If you plan to stay close to your allies, the leaders offer a variety of interesting bonuses to strengthen your whole party, such as reduced incoming damage, increased outgoing damage, reduced fear buildup , etc. Bringing leaders makes everything easier, so if you plan on being a team player, grab a leader and go!


Warriors love melee combat and have extra health to support them in scraps. Warriors are better with melee options like axes, chainsaws, shovels, etc. Warriors usually get cool abilities to help them move through a pack of Deadites, performing finishing moves to rip their body parts apart in style. Many warrior perks activate by engaging in close combat and can even grant temporary shields or invulnerability!


While ammo can be harder to come by than something to hit your enemies with, Hunters excel at ranged options and can even use skills to reduce your need to scrounge bullets. They can also hold more ammo, so once you’ve completed the opening stages of the game and charged up to complete the objectives, you won’t have to go for more houses. Hunters are also experts at finding more and better loot, so even if the demon finds you quickly, you might be able to find some really good gear before things get dire.


Supports come with plenty of skills to help keep your survivors in the fray, including ways to build shields, gain health, or reduce fear. They also come with bonus starter consumables! If you’re looking to bring a guaranteed star to the team, pick Cheryl Williams, as her area of ​​effect healing zone can turn the tide of matches in your favor in a huge way. In fact, she might even be borderline overpowered, so grab some colas and go rock with support! Remember, the supports in Evil Dead: The Game will still be all about the action, looting, shooting, and scooting, even as they focus on keeping everyone alive.

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