“Eat Drink D-FW” Podcast Explores the Dynamic Food Scene

Editor’s note: Eat Drink D-FW is hosted by Dallas Morning News Editor-in-chief Erin Booke with food writers Sarah Blaskovich and Claire Ballor. Every week, our culinary journalists taste, debate and analyze local restaurant news, food & drink trends, cooking and shopping tips, and other obsessions. You’ll also hear from chefs, farmers and foodies like you as we explore the people who make D-FW one of the most vibrant, diverse and ambitious food scenes in the country.

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Why are restaurants in Dallas so expensive right now? In addition, the anxiety of the menu

Loro’s smoked Duroc pork spare ribs are the focus of a variety of snacks and the restaurant’s veggies, meats and sandwiches.(Liesbeth Powers / Special Contributor)

In our beginnings Eat Drink D-FW episode, editor-in-chief Erin Booke and food writers Sarah Blaskovich and Claire Ballor talk about the week’s biggest restaurant news — from crazy menu prices to big Fort Worth moves — before diving into food trends. culinary scene this year. What’s inside ? Excessive and flashy restaurants (so very Dallas, but also kind of an enigma), and why we like simpler menus. What’s new ? You guess. (It rhymes with Bot Thicken.) Next, Sarah meets a Texas Rangers insider Evan Grant to Loro in East Dallas to explain why they always order way too much food.

The best sandwiches in North Texas. Plus, Alligator corn dogs at the ballpark?

Sarah Blaskovich and Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News toast with the alligator corn dog...
Dallas Morning News’ Sarah Blaskovich and Evan Grant toast with the alligator corn dog before tasting it during the unveiling of new concession items for the 2022 season at Globe Life Field in Arlington.(Juan Figueroa / personal photographer)

Editor Erin Booke interviews a food writer Nick Rallo on one of our favorite foods: sandwiches. And no, that doesn’t mean hot dogs. It will be another episode. Nick discusses the elements of a good sandwich and where to find the best ones in North Texas. Then we go on a field trip to Globe Life Field in Arlington with food writer Sarah Blaskovich and Rangers journalist Evan Grant as they sample new foods at the Texas Rangers games, alligator corn dogs (chicken taste) to the vegan chicken salad sandwich (surprisingly, tastes like chicken too.)

Meet our foodies

In this special episode, food editor Erin Booke and food writers Sarah Blaskovich and Claire Ballor discuss their beats, why they got into food journalism, and their “foodie origin stories” (including at least one key kid who was familiar with a box of Vienna sausages). Sarah also reveals how getting up on Valentine’s Day led her to find the love of her life in a pub on McKinney Avenue.

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