Charges were filed after Lightfoot’s bodyguard allegedly spotted a gun in a man’s shoulder bag – while waiting for food at Shake Shack

Charges were filed after Lightfoot’s bodyguard allegedly spotted a gun in a man’s shoulder bag – while waiting for food at Shake Shack

A Wisconsin man faces felony charges after a cop assigned to Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s security detail saw the outline of a gun in his shoulder bag as they waited in line at a restaurant restaurant near Millennium Park on Tuesday night, according to prosecutors and a source.

It happened around 9 p.m. at Shake Shack, 14 South Michigan, next to the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel.

Lightfoot spent the evening celebrating the 100th anniversary of former Mayor Harold Washington’s birth with many of the most powerful city, county and state officials.

Then she apparently wanted Shake Shack.

Treveon Broadway (inset) was arrested outside Shake Shack, 14 South Michigan. | CPD; Google

Officially, prosecutor Loukas Kalliantasis only said an on-duty Chicago police officer was in line at the restaurant when he noticed the outline of a handgun and an ammo magazine lying in a satchel carried by Treveon Broadway. , 19 years old. Kalliantasis did not mention Lightfoot or reveal that the cop was working on his security details.

The officer, who was queuing directly behind Broadway, then saw Broadway exit to an idling vehicle and return to the restaurant, Kalliantasis said.

Lightfoot’s security guard called for backup from the local police district and cops began investigating the car and the front seat passenger, who allegedly had a bag of pot at his feet.

Broadway then came out of the restaurant and asked the police if there was a problem. Apparently there were.

Police searched the car and found the black saddlebag sitting on the back seat as if someone had thrown it inside, Kalliantasis said. On the floor under the bag, cops found two loaded handguns, each loaded with armour-piercing rounds in extended magazines and equipped laser sights, according to Kalliantasis. And a weapon would have been equipped with a switch, allowing it to generate automatic fire.

Kalliantasis said the manager of Shake Shake confirmed that the bag police found in the car was the one Broadway had brought to the restaurant earlier.

Deputy Public Defender Suzin Farber called the allegations a “complicated storyline” and argued that Broadway did not show the guns or point them at anyone. She said he lives with his parents in Milwaukee, attends high school there, and has no criminal record.

But Judge Kelly McCarthy focused on the alleged weapons as she considered Broadway bail conditions.

“I don’t think it’s for personal protection,” McCarthy said of the allegations that he had armour-piercing bullets and laser sights.

She set bail at $15,000, which means he has to post $1,500 bond to get out of jail. McCarthy gave Broadway permission to return to Wisconsin despite the state’s objections.

Prosecutors charged him with two counts of aggravated felony of unlawful use of a weapon, two counts of possession of high capacity magazines and other misdemeanors.

A woman who works in the building said she did not see Lightfoot in the restaurant, but did see the mayor’s SUV. Another person familiar with the situation said Lightfoot was “nearby” but not inside the restaurant.

Lightfoot’s office did not respond to inquiries about Lightfoot’s whereabouts during the incident, whether the officer was ordering food for the mayor and whether the mayor had a statement about his officer’s diligence of security.

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