Attention Foodies: The Michelin Guide Recommends 16 DC Restaurants

New recommendations include up-and-comers such as Mediterranean-flavored ala at Dupont Circle and Honeymoon Chicken at Petworth, as well as Georgia Brown’s, a longtime favorite in Southern cuisine, near McPherson Square.

The Michelin Guide offers DC foodies 16 new restaurants newly recommended by experts from the prestigious restaurant organization.

The novelties of the guide precede the annual announcement of the Bib Gourmands and the awarding of Michelin stars.

“By unveiling some of the novelties brought by our inspectors throughout the year, we are enriching our digital tools to further strengthen the ties that unite us with foodies,” said Gwendal Poullennec, international director of the Micheline Guides, in a communicated. “We hope that these revelations and regular updates of the selection throughout the year will be an opportunity to highlight the profession and invite everyone to discover and support the restaurants around them.

New recommendations include up-and-comers, from Mediterranean-flavored ala at Dupont Circle and Honeymoon Chicken in Petworth, to Georgia Brown’s, a longtime favorite in Southern cuisine, near McPherson Square.

In December, Michelin added four new DC restaurants deemed worth checking out.

The first Michelin guide for DC restaurants debuted in 2016. The organization relies on teams of inspectors — many of them former chefs — who make their recommendations after anonymous visits.

See the full list of newly added restaurants and ratings from Michelin inspectors.

to the

This newcomer is a beacon of Levantine cuisine. These dishes are refined versions of traditional delicacies and the produce is impeccable, as evidenced by the mezes, complemented by pickled red cabbage, tahini and refreshing tangy yogurt.


Champagne and caviar are the mission of the menu, and owner Elli Benchimol and her team pull it off. It usually comes with a host of classic toppings, like chopped eggs, capers and chives, as well as crispy waffle sticks.

Chinese bar

The team here envisioned a chic and trendy French wine bar with delicious Asian bites – and that’s how this fantastic haunt was born.


The kitchen team takes classic Indian cuisine in a new direction. Is that blue cheese on your chicken skewers grilled in the tandoor? Yes indeed. Accompanied by a reduction of sour cherries and cashew popcorn, it’s a preparation as tempting as the minced bison momos with bold spices.


This large Richard Sandoval operation, spread over two floors, serves up bonito guacamole tastes, uplifted by smoked and charred tostadas – an exciting way to start the proceedings.

Rosita’s secret

Chef Cristian Granada’s dynamic menu certainly draws Peruvian inspiration, but it also embraces the nation’s vast territory – from the coast to European and Asian influences. Here is the tiradito, made with sashimi-grade ahi tuna with a passion fruit and orange sauce.

by Georgia Brown

Everyone is here for the classic Southern cuisine that is likely to evoke many nostalgic memories. Start with the fried chicken livers accompanied by a mustard-soya emulsion. Then, enjoy a steaming, fragrant bowl of Carolina okra floating with chicken, andouille sausage, okra and shrimp.

honeymoon chicken

Federalist Pig chef Rob Sonderman expanded on chicken — well, an updated take on fried chicken to be precise. This Petworth perch looks like a modern restaurant with an old-school vibe.

The Ardent

With high ceilings and matching windows, this Italian kitchen has so much more to offer. A wood-burning grill and pizza oven hint at its strengths. At no time does any dish lack flavor, right down to the charred cabbage buried under a riot of trout roe, tarragon and currants.


The menu is vaguely French but with a number of twists, from steak tartare and Rohan duck breast to black truffle risotto and Maine lobster with pineapple.


If the name wasn’t already a giveaway, the large comal by the window and the row of golden corn husks hanging along the wall should tell you what matters most to this restaurant: the corn. Heirloom varieties from Mexico are nixtamalized, ground into masa, pressed into tortillas, and grilled all the time.

Menya Hosaki

Carefully composed bowls of ramen feature thin, fluffy homemade noodles accompanied by delicate broths with nuance and depth. The signature bowl is a smoky, triple-threat combination of tonkotsu, chicken chintan, and dashi.


The Eaton Hotel, which is also home to chef Matt Baker’s casual cafe and bakery, is fortunate to host such an accomplished team – one that sources well and seasons with panache, while running such an impressive bar. than the dining room.


The Greek cuisine reflects Chef Nicholas Stefanelli’s heritage and features a contemporary accent. Meals begin and end with carefully crafted dishes presented at a fixed price.


John Snyder, Kiran Saund and Nick Hopkins are the masterminds behind this unique tasting concept that spotlights street food from around the world.


Wafu cuisine displays a certain singularity while remaining balanced and precise. The dishes can best be described as Japanese-influenced Italian. This mixture is simple and homogeneous in the taste of spaghetti with Kurobuta sausage and a refined Tabasco-ketchup sauce.

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