AccuWeather forecast looks mixed, getting new features while introducing paywall

Another Dark Sky-style feature is coming with a new subscription plan


Weather apps are a dime a dozen on the Play Store, but they all generally pull from the same handful of APIs and services. Dark Sky was a favorite of many, but after leaving Android following its takeover by Apple, many were left with no alternative. AccuWeather revamped its entire service to appeal to potential users, removing the app from Play Pass and adding minute-by-minute forecasts originally offered by Dark Sky. Now, a new update offers even more features, at a cost.

Hyperlocal weather forecasts were Dark Sky’s flagship feature, and remain so on any iPhone you might have around your house. This latest update from AccuWeather brings hyperlocal forecast alerts back to Android as part of its new Premium+ subscription (via 9to5Google). At $20 a year, it won’t break the bank, though it’s frustrating to see some of the best weather reports available locked behind another subscription package.


These localized weather notifications — called AccuWeather Alerts in the fine print — should make it easy to predict when a storm is coming to your community, saving you from getting drenched in rain while out for a walk. It should mesh well with existing minute-by-minute forecasts, which already predict weather events at specific intervals. Now the app should report more specific and accurate updates based on your location, receiving alerts when conditions in your area change.

Unfortunately, this new subscription package also carries over a core feature familiar to countless Android users. If you’ve kept the current temperature as a persistent notification on your phone, you’ll notice it’s replaced with a generic AccuWeather icon instead. To restore this original feature, you’ll have to shell out $20 a year, even if you’re not interested in the usual roundup of premium features. Accuweather also offers a standard “Premium” subscription for $8.99 per year, although this does not include the always-available temperature icon.

I have yet to spot the new subscription available in the app, although I can confirm that the generic AccuWeather icon now appears in my toolbar. Presumably, Premium+ should be available to everyone very soon.


Temperature notifications return

AccuWeather contacted us to let us know that its removal of persistent temperature notifications was an accident, and a fixed version is currently rolling out to users in a new release.


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