2022 NFL Mock Draft: Eagles move to defense with No. 18 pick

I know what you must be thinking. Howie Drafts a Cornerback in the First Round? Unlikely. Absurd. Listen to me. We have a clear need at Cornerback and have had it for some time. However, in this simulated draft scenario, we are positioned to add a solid piece to the defense. Booth here is a no-brainer, as is DeVonta Smith. Booth is an elite talent and a piece that will make Cornerback less necessary for a while. Let’s get to the details.


Andrew Booth Jr. came to Clemson as a 5-star recruit and scholar. Booth met his marks at Clemson with high regard. Booth Jr. will provide the Eagles with an exciting blend of size, athleticism, instinct, physicality, ball skills and competitive tenacity, all traits that will make him a great Eagles player for years to come. He has a fiery competitive spirit and makes plays like an alpha dog. As for areas where Booth Jr. can improve, Booth Jr. can clean up his missed tackles and improve area coverage a bit. While he may never have been a coward as a tackle, I’ve seen times when he leaves his feet with too much distance between him and the ball carrier or isn’t controlled enough to finish the tackle. Booth Jr. can do much better in the zone by squeezing roads and getting out of his landmarks if necessary. His ideal role is in the outside corner, which the Eagles need, and he’s versatile in any scheme but does his best in men’s coverage.

In his first year with the Eagles, Booth has the chance to compete for a starting spot depending on whether the Eagles sign the Honey Badger and add someone else. I see he has the level to be the impact guy at cornerback; the Eagles had been looking for years, and it was worth it for Howie Roseman and the team to break their rule of not drafting a cornerback in the first round.



Tackle: Booth is an aggressive, high-energy tackler with dynamic click and close range ability. He regularly makes impact tackles outside of his frame, and he is never passive when it comes to stopping the run or making a routine tackle.

Versatility: Booth had been tasked by Clemson with performing a variety of coverage systems, including man, zone, soft press, and tight press coverage. Booth Jr.’s skill set has no restrictions or mismatches. Booth has experience in kickoff, punt return, and punt coverage units.

Competitive Strength: Booth is a superb competitor. He plays an aggressive and physical brand of football which always drives him to be around football. Booth Jr. struggles on every rep and his engine is always warming up. You can tell by watching Booth Jr. that he doesn’t want to give up an inch of ground. As talented as he is, what is ideal about him is his fiery competitive spirit.

Good Athletics: Booth has an explosive athletic profile and he manages his speed effectively. He has the short-zone quickness needed to copy and match routes, and he has the momentum to carry receivers down the field. His movement speed skills are powerful and without any limitations.

Football IQ: Booth’s knowledge of football shows when he defends the race, reflecting the routes in the man’s coverage and his overall spatial awareness. He’s rarely caught panicking or out of position, and he mostly has a clean resume when it comes to fouls.

Run Defending: Booth is a fantastic running defender and passionate about getting involved. He understands stroke adjustments and will do the necessary dirty work aggressively and physically, taking the block to overturn runs on the inside and maintain leverage on the outside. I like his makeup when a run has stopped, and that could see him playing both outside and in the slot with the Eagles.

Length: Booth has a decent height and he knows how to make it count. He usually finishes his tackles outside of his frame by extending his tackle radius due to the length of his arm. Booth also maximizes his size when playing football with precise timing, and he can fully extend while maintaining full body control.

Man Blanket: Booth is a man blanket wedge with loose hips, quick feet, and excellent route anticipation abilities. It does well to read the stems and stay connected as the roads get longer. He has all the physical traits required to be our stop man cover corner.

Media Coverage: His media coverage skills are among the best in his class. He has a great back-peddle that allows him to quickly adapt to the press and close in on any close-range passes near him. He uses his arms to stick receivers on their shoulders before quickly turning his hips around, following their route and adjusting to create contested holds.


Area Coverage Skills: Booth does decently well in area coverage, signals the backfield, and works in throw lanes. Booth Jr. has plenty of wiggle room to figure out when to leave benchmarks and adapt on the fly. Last season, the Tigers defense covered the turf in the area too often. A basic knowledge of the location of the eligible receiver, the routes taken by those receivers, and the elimination of any threats would have improved coverage spacing. Sometimes he is a victim. While Booth Jr. has been harassed a number of times due to coverage losses where he planned to switch a receiver to a deferential defender, he can do a better job shutting down roads.

Tackle: Although I previously said that he is an excellent tackler, he is not immune to the occasional missed tackle, which is often due to him coming in too hot or leaves his feet with too much distance between him and the receiver, resulting in a miss. tackles.

Football IQ: There’s a lot of room for Booth Jr. when it comes to dealing with zone coverage and fit. He often beat experienced road runners and turned deeper into the roads. He gave up 300 yards and two touchdowns.

Recovery Speed: It takes too long for him to reach his second speed when beaten in cover, meaning he stayed defeated.

Final Thoughts

I think Andrew Booth Jr. will be a great corner for us. He has the skills, and he will have the time to develop them. I believe that if Booth Jr. goes down, Howie will draft him despite this team’s longstanding reluctance to recruit CBS in the first round. Obviously the draft drops as it did in this fictional community draft, just as Devonta Smith did in the last draft. It was great to finally pick for the Eagles, and even despite that trade, we did it with the Saints. If you disagree with me, please let me know in the comments below, and please answer yes. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Goodbye.


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2022 BGN Mock Draft Ordinance

1) Jaguars (HellBentOnHurts): BY Aidan Hutchinson
2) Lions (friendly neighborhood Philly fan): DE Travon Walker
3) Texans (herbalonius): OT Evan Neal
4) Jets (RideHighTide): OT Ikem Ekwonu
5) Giants (Brendanekstrom): CB Ahmad Gardner
6) Panthers (Philliesandthebees): QB Kenny Pickett
7) Giants (Dr. MidnightGreen): DE Kayvon Thibodeaux
8) Falcons (Philly21): QB Malik Willis
9) Seahawks (mellow wellington) QB Matt Corral
10) Jets (tfrank9811): S Kyle Hamilton
11) Commanders (Negadelphia Norm): CB Derek Stingley Jr.
12) Vikings (Kephas): CB Trent McDuffie
13) Texans (Bdawk20 rules): WR Drake London
14) Ravens (ablesser88): DT Jordan Davis
15) Eagles (Fly like an eagle): WR Chris Olave
16) Saints (20Safety_Hazard): OT Charles Cross
17) Chargers (LBCeaglesFan!): DT Devonte Wyatt
18) Eagles (Phoenix X Minimus): CB Andrew Booth Jr.
19) Saints (Georgia_eagle)
20) Steelers (EagleDominion)
21) Patriots (Dominate)
22) Packers (Leo Bedio)
23) Cardinals (Big DUB)
24) Cowboys (joey2arms)
25) Invoices (ItownBallers22)
26) Titans (BrianMcE03)
27) Buccaneers (4133Dave)
28) Packers (the player formerly known as Mousecop)
29) Heads (Green Grampa)
30) Chefs (Caption by Nick Foles)
31) Bengals (Thedeuce9)
32) Lions (Dtechman44)

Now is the time for you to vote for who YOU ​​think should be selected next in the BGN Community Consensus Mock Draft 2022.


Who should the Eagles draft at No. 18? (Remember they took Chris Olave at #15)

  • 18%

    CB Andrew Booth Jr.

    (35 votes)

  • 27%

    BY George Karlaftis

    (53 votes)

  • 29%

    LB Devin Lloyd

    (57 votes)

  • 9%

    LB Nakobe Dean

    (19 votes)

  • 1%

    S Jaquan Brisker

    (3 votes)

  • 4%

    C Tyler Linderbaum

    (8 votes)

  • 3%

    WR Garrett Wilson

    (7 votes)

  • 0%

    WR Treylon Burks

    (1 vote)

192 voices in total

Vote now

1) Jaguars: DE Aidan Hutchinson
2) Lions: DE Kayvon Thibodeaux
3) Texans: OT Evan Neal
4) Jets: OT Ikem Ekwonu
5) Giants: OT Charles Cross
6) Panthers: QB Malik Willis
7) Giants: CB Ahmad Gardner
8) Falcons: QB Kenny Pickett
9) Seahawks: S Kyle Hamilton
10) Jets: DE Travon Walker
11) Commanders: CB Derek Stingley Jr.
12) Vikings: CB Trent McDuffie
13) Texans: DE Jermaine Johnson
14) Ravens: DT Jordan Davis
15) Eagles: WR Jameson Williams
16) Saints: OT Trevor Penning
17) Loaders: DT Devonte Wyatt
18) Eagles:

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