Giants coach Antoan Richardson accuses Padres coach Mike Shildt of using expletive with ‘shades of racism’

On Tuesday night in Oracle Park, San Francisco Giants first baseman coach Antoan Richardson accused San Diego Padres interim third baseman coach Mike Shildt of shouting an expletive that had “undertones of racism”. Richardson was ejected for “incitement” in the third inning, leading to Alyssa Nakken’s historic debut as MLB’s first on-field coach.

Richardson told reporters, including NBC Sports Bay Area’s Alex Pavlovic, that he and Shildt had an exchange when Shildt was watching in the Giants dugout. Here are the details, from Pavlovic:

Richardson said Shildt was looking into the Giants dugout in the third inning and Richardson asked, “Can I help you? Are you looking for somebody?” Shildt told him he was looking for Giants pitcher Alex Wood and manager Gabe Kapler came to see what was going on. Richardson said Shildt shouted words he believed were meant for Kapler.

“He yelled, ‘You gotta control that motherfucker,'” Richardson said. “At that point, I walked up to the top step and said, ‘Excuse me?’ I couldn’t believe what I heard. At that point, (Greg) Gibson, the team manager, decided to kick me out of the game. I think his words were disproportionately unjustified and (had) undertones of racism when he referred to me as “that asshole” as if I should be controlled or a good or enslaved. I think it’s really important that we understand what happened tonight.

“The second part that is equally disappointing is that I was thrown out by this referee who allowed this coach to continue having conversations like this with people like me, and it’s such a shame that this whatever happened tonight. That being said, I’m really excited that Alyssa (Nakken) got the opportunity to make her Major League debut and I’m very proud of her. I think she did a really great job and we got a win, so that’s the most important thing.

Kapler said he didn’t hear what Shildt said, but added: “I trust Antoan’s judgment on the matter and know that Antoan was not out of control at all and that everything said to insinuate that he was is totally inappropriate He didn’t I didn’t cause any part of it.

On Wednesday morning, Shildt and Richardson had what seemed like a cordial chat on the court.

“I just want to be very clear that I don’t believe Shildty is racist in any way,” Richardson told reporters, including’s AJ Cassavell, on Wednesday. “What I was trying to do was just raise awareness of the impact of words on certain communities, even though they might not have bad intentions. It just helped us to be more aware of what these things mean.”

“It’s more something that we both want to use as an opportunity to raise awareness that sometimes harmless words are very insensitive to others,” Richardson continued. “And it’s really important that we are aware of the things we say. Once again, Shildty has been a huge supporter of the black community. I appreciate that he takes ownership and understands the impact of his words. ”

Shildt, most recently manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, joined the Padres as a player development consultant this past season. He is currently replacing third baseman coach Matt Williams, who is recovering from hip surgery.

Richardson, who is black, retired as a player in 2016. He joined the Giants as a minor league coach in 2019 and was named their first base coach when San Francisco hired Kapler after that season. .

This is the first of six series between the NL West rivals Giants and Padres this season.

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